What to Expect from the Best Water Damage Repair Service in Florida

Homes and commercial locations of all types will eventually experience water damage to a degree and from a variety of unexpected sources. When this happens it is essential that it is removed quickly and professionally to avoid serious consequences and the need for costly repair work later. The best solution for anything that can’t be simply cleaned up with a mop and bucket is to call the experts at Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc, the #1 water damage repair service in Florida. The following is an overview of the dangers of water damage and why professional water remediation services are so useful. 

Understanding the Damage Caused by Moisture in a Building

Most people perceive water damage at the level of an overflowing bathtub or a spilled jug. These are pretty simple to clean up and won’t generally cause too much harm. However, when the quantity is extensive, the contents are especially foul, or the water has had time to soak deep into the building materials and substructures, the problems become more serious. 

Most homes and commercial properties today contain plenty of plaster, drywall, woodwork and other materials that can be especially susceptible to water damage. Even the masonry and metalwork in the building’s support structures are best kept dry. 

Molds and mildews are another serious problem here in Florida’s balmy tropical climate. The fact is, spores from these minuscule plants are already inside the building. All that is needed is a small amount of moisture and a serious problem can arise in as little as 72 hours.  

The best way to avoid extensive harm caused by floods is to treat water damage seriously and call in a fast professional response team. As the best water damage repair service in Florida, we have the skills and know-how to extract the last vestige of humidity from the affected area, apply repair work as needed, and reduce the risk of future damages or health risks from molds. 


Experienced Professionals with a Fast & Precise Response

Our experienced water damage and repair professionals will have a working knowledge of the various types of water damage and the appropriate solutions for addressing each one. The proper solution is the one that removes the water and contaminants from all materials and restores them to their original pre-soaked conditions –– or at least as close as scientifically possible.  

Water that comes from busted pipes may be very clean and simply needs to be dried as quickly as possible. However, water that comes from backed-up sewer mains or toilets, or floodwaters from nearby canals can be especially noxious. Only a trained professional should be called to remove these “black waters” from a home or property. 

What to Expect from A Water Damage Repair Service in Florida

  1. Flood & Damage Control 

Water can work faster than you can imagine; therefore, your water damage professionals must arrive fast and begin applying bucket, bin, and bund to removing water and save valuable property. 


2. Addressing the Humidity and Contamination

Once the flood has abated there will still be plenty of moisture and pollutants in all kinds of disagreeable forms as well as noxious odors. However, the team will quickly begin addressing potential damage and removing pollutants. It is essential to move fast as the longer these contaminants remain soaked in materials the deeper they will move.  

3. Cleaning and Sanitizing

Next, the last of the moisture and humidity will be removed with powerful absorbent agents and ventilation systems. It is important to perform a final cleaning and sanitizing to ensure that all bacteria, toxins, and mold spores are also removed from the affected area. 

4.   Repairs

Drywall, plaster and other materials of the home may be too far damaged to salvage and will need to be repaired to restore the property to its former beauty and functionality. The professionals will have the skills, tools, and materials to leave everything as it was before the flood. 

Call the #1 Experts in Water Damage Repair Service in Florida

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida Rapid Restoration is South Florida’s #1 restoration company in the disaster relief industry. With 24/7 emergency services we have provided thousands of clients with emergency restoration services throughout Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Miami Dade, Broward, and Port St. Lucie Counties. We offer property restoration, mediation and, repair for water damage, mold removal, fire, smoke and biohazard removal services throughout the entire South Florida area.

We are a Licensed Commercial and Residential Emergency Restoration Contractor.
Whether it’s your home or office that’s been affected by water damage, fire, smoke damage, or mold, contact Rapid Restoration Recovery, Inc.

TODAY at: 561-344-5070

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