Top Drying Techniques for Water Damage

When homes and businesses experience water damage, people often have the right idea about drying out the premises, but lack the industrial grade equipment needed to adequately perform the job. For those that are determined to make water damage a DIY project, there are definite steps that can be taken, but individuals may discover it involves considerable expense, time and labor and they will still require the services of professionals later down the road.

Never attempt to remove “gray” or “black water.” It contains health-affecting biologics and contaminants that are toxic. For “white” water, remove any furniture and other objects that have been affected. It’s critical that water be removed as quickly as possible to minimize damage that can affect structural integrity. Wet vacs and pumps are available that will suck up the water. Just be sure to empty the water in an appropriate manner.

Circulating air is essential for the drying process to minimize the growth of bacteria and fungi. High-powered fans can be purchased or rented to do the job. It may require several, depending on the extent of the damage. It can also help to open windows to help circulate the air. The fans can result in rising humidity, so dehumidifiers will be necessary to lower levels.

It’s best to call in the professionals for water damage. They have industrial grade equipment for every step of the remediation process. Vacuums and pumps are used that are capable of extracting hundreds of gallons of water in a very short time.

They’ll also use air movers that will be focused on floors, drywall and other areas that have been saturated with water to evaporate moisture and minimize the growth of mold and bacteria. Since the evaporation process creates humidity, professionals will utilize powerful dehumidifiers. Heaters may also be deployed when appropriate.

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Water Damage

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