Repairing a Water Damaged Floor

Water damage to floors can occur in South Florida as a result of hurricanes or heavy rains, but those aren’t the only culprits. Sometimes the damage is due to indoor water leaks or appliance problems. Repair or replacement will depend on the type of water that caused the damage.

When the damage is mild and it hasn’t been standing for very long, it’s possible that the flooring can simply be replaced. That’s also assuming that it was white water that caused the damage. White water originates from showers, sinks, appliance malfunctions, and broken water pipes.

Hardwood flooring is one of the most susceptible to water damage, but any flooring can experience damage. Subflooring will need to be examined to determine the full extent of the problem. Signs that are an indication that the floor may need to be replaced rather than repaired include signs of buckling, crowning or cupping, along with discoloration, warping or odors.

Minor damage can often be addressed by a restoration company that will be able to dry the floor and remediate any mold growth. With the modern equipment available to restoration companies, there are no longer any hard and fast rules about water damaged floors. What once would be considered an automatic replacement can now be treated and repaired.

Restoration professionals will be able to make that determination while ensuring that structural integrity is being maintained. They’ll be able to ascertain if the damage is cosmetic or the flooring has become unsafe. Restoration experts will also work directly with insurance companies.

Faced with water damage and the potential for high insurance deductibles, many individuals opt to perform the work themselves. When water damage occurs, it’s always best to call in the professionals that have the experience and modern methods to deal with the emergency and ensure a home or business isn’t plagued with mold that can cause ill health down the road.

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Water Damage

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