Quick Action After Water Damage can Save you Thousands

Most people believe that when their home experiences water damage, simply paying their insurance deductible will get the ball rolling and the insurance provider will pay for the rest. What you may not know is that even insurance on a home’s contents won’t necessarily cover full replacement costs or provide you with brand new items.

Insurance companies will typically prorate the value of damaged possessions, furnishings and appliances, leaving you stuck with the remaining cost of replacing them. Swift action is required to minimize damage, prevent mold growth, and preserve salvageable items to save you thousands.

The fluidity of water means it can flow and spread far beyond its point of origin to affect walls, floors, ceilings and insulation. In addition to damage from the water, the resultant conditions provide an ideal environment for mold growth within 24 hours. If left unchecked, it severely compromises air quality in your home.

The solution is a restoration and recovery service. The professionals can salvage a great number of possessions ranging from drapes and furnishings to electronic devices. In the past, homeowners had little choice but to throw away any items that were water damaged.

Restoration companies have advanced technology and tools that can remove water, dry the premises, eliminate mold, neutralize odors, and return items to their pre-water damaged condition. Thermal infrared imaging is utilized to detect leaks with pinpoint accuracy when the damage is due to an in-house leak.

Samples will be taken of mold and analyzed to determine exactly what species of mold is present, enabling it to be treated accurately. All salvageable items will be inventoried, transported for treatment and stored until they can be returned to your home.

Depending on your insurance policy, you could find yourself receiving a fraction of the money needed to replace water-damaged items. A restoration company can save many of those possessions without the need to replace them, saving you thousands of dollars.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida Rapid Restoration is South Florida’s #1 restoration company in the disaster relief industry. With 24/7 emergency services we have provided thousands of clients with emergency restoration services throughout Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Miami Dade, Broward,  and Port St. Lucie Counties. We offer property restoration, mediation and, repair for water damage, mold removal, fire, smoke and biohazard removal services throughout the entire South Florida area.

We are a Licensed Commercial and Residential Emergency Restoration Contractor.

Whether it’s your home or office that’s been affected by water damage, fire, smoke damage, or mold, contact Rapid Restoration Recovery, Inc.

TODAY at: 561-344-5070

Water Damage

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