Mold and Moisture Testing

South Florida residents have a wealth of benefits conferred upon them by Mother Nature. However, those same advantages can also be the cause of excessive moisture and mold growth in homes and businesses. There are approximately a dozen ordinary types of fungi that can be found growing outdoors that are easily transferred into indoor environments.


There are often a variety of signs that a problem exists, but they often occur so slowly and humidity levels fluctuate from day to day so the condition is easily overlooked. Excess moisture enters the air through cooking, washing dishes, drying clothes and bathing. Another way that excess moisture enters homes is through HVAC units that are old and inefficient. They don’t cool sufficiently, leading to elevated moisture levels.

In other instances, a leaky pipe or water heater may be the culprit. Even a small leak can result in structural damage to the home, but it also opens the door to accelerated mold growth. Special methodologies and technology must be used to eliminate the source of the leak and remediate the resulting mold growth.

Home humidity testers are available, but they can’t identify the source. The best solution is to contact a remediation company. The professionals will utilize an infrared meter that can identify the source of leaks even behind walls and under flooring.


A small amount of mold can blossom into an extreme growth in very little time when it has the dark and moist conditions it needs to replicate. Mold can be growing, even if it can’t be seen. There are at-home mold test kits, but every home has a small number of mold spores, and they can’t determine the exact type of mold. Even if the infestation isn’t extensive, it can affect the health of people and pets.

The professionals will take a sample of the mold and have it tested in a laboratory to ascertain exactly what variety of fungi is present. The area to be treated will be sealed to prevent contamination of other places in the home. The mold is removed and disposed of properly, and all infected areas are cleaned. When necessary, a surface is removed and replaced.

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