How Moisture Meters Help in the Recovery Process

Water damage from broken pipes, leaky roofs, dysfunctional appliances and even flooding is far more common than most people think. The situation can arise suddenly, but instances can occur over time and do significant damage before it’s detected. A moisture meter is an invaluable tool in the recovery process.

Moisture meters are easy to use and measure the moisture content in an extensive range of building materials. The handheld tool can indicate if there’s been damage to doors, foundations wallboard and other areas. Building materials in structures contain a certain amount of moisture all the time, but when readings are above the norm, it indicates a problem.

The meters are a critical tool for restoration experts. The readings indicate where excess moisture exists and even where structural integrity of a building has been compromised. The readings are equally important for determining when conditions are optimal for the installation of flooring and wallboard.

Moisture meters can also tell restoration experts where there are areas that are too moisture saturated to save. Elevated moisture levels are a good indication that there may be mold growth or that rot has set in. The meters provide valuable information for restoration professionals, allowing them to rebuild and restore homes and businesses that meet all health and safety standards.

The meters provide restoration experts with documentation if a property owner needs to apply for FEMA assistance. It’s also crucial for providing proof to insurance companies about water-related damage and the extent when policy holders file a claim. The tool is utilized throughout the entire restoration process.

Water damage isn’t always visible to the eye. Damage under floors and behind walls isn’t always immediately apparent. Restoration experts can use the meters to detect moisture in a variety of materials ranging from drywall and insulation to mortar and concrete.

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