Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Renter’s insurance covers an individual’s personal property for a great many things from fire and theft to wind and water damage. There are also many things that it may not cover, depending on the circumstances.

The basics of renter’s insurance is that it covers the cost of damage to the renter’s personal property only. It will typically cover the cost of hotel and living expenses if the home is destroyed until the renter can find another place to live.

It may also cover personal property damage from storms, for instance, if a window is broken and rain enters. Individuals aren’t covered, however, if they leave a window open during a storm or if a storm is forecast and the renter still leaves the window open.

In the event of flooding or sewer back-ups, even if the landlord has insurance on the structure, it covers his/her losses only and the protection isn’t extended to the renters. The landlord is expected to maintain the property in good condition. It’s just one of the reasons that individuals need to have their own insurance coverage.

Renters insurance will cover the cost of common mishaps such as burst pipes or a leaky water heater. In multi-story dwellings, renter’s insurance will pay for damages to personal property if a roof leak occurs or from water that leaks into a lower apartment through the ceiling. Coverage won’t be extended from water seeping up from underground.

Water damage as the result of flooding won’t be covered unless the renter has a separate flood policy or endorsement. Damage from backed up sewers may or may not be covered. Renters are expected to report a sewer problem to the landlord before a toilet can overflow and cause damage. If the renter doesn’t inform the landlord, any damage to personal property may not be covered.

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