Different Types of Water Damage

Water damage typically happens without warning. What most people don’t know is that all water damage isn’t created equal. There are different types of water that can damage residential, business, and commercial structures. Each type of requires specific techniques, precautions, and solutions to address the problem that can only be performed by restoration professionals.

Clean Water

This type of water can cause considerable damage, be frustrating for individuals, but it’s the easiest to remediate. It’s categorized as clean, since it usually originates from a burst pipe, broken appliance, rainwater, or defective sprinklers and doesn’t contain microbial contamination. If it’s not dealt with within 24 hours, mold begins to grow.

Grey Water

There are many reasons why water can be classified as grey, all of which indicate a level of contamination. The water has become unsanitary and has the potential to result in rashes or illness through contamination by chemical or biological elements such as blood, urine, or even laundry products. Grey water also encompasses water in toilets, tubs, spas, and washing machines that has been allowed to set undisturbed for long periods of time.

Black Water

Black water is categorized as water that is contaminated and can result in serious illness or death to people and pets. The most common type of black water is from sewer back-ups and toilet overflows. Black water can be contaminated with chemicals, pesticides, mold, bacteria, and viruses through flooding from storms, the overflow of any natural inland waterway, and ocean water.

There are three levels of black water contamination and the water isn’t necessarily black in color. Level I black water typically originates within a structure and is limited in scope. Level II sources are also from within a building, but the damage and affected area is far greater. Affected materials must be removed and disposed of properly. A Level III contamination results from flooding and/or a storm surge. The danger is greater and lasts longer.

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Water Damage

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