Can Water Damaged Floors be Salvaged?

Floors can sustain water damage from a variety of sources and Florida residents have the added potential for damage from flooding and hurricanes. One of the first casualties of water damage are the floors in any structure. Depending upon the material, in some instances, the flooring can be saved. Others will need to be completely replaced.

Laminate flooring is a popular choice due to its cost-effectiveness, ease of cleaning, and high-end appearance. It’s not waterproof, but if the affected area is small and limited in scope, a restoration and recovery company may be able to save it. Laminate affected by widespread leaks, flooding, or extinguishing a fire will have to be replaced.

For structures with hardwood flooring, it can be difficult to determine if the floor is salvageable without a professional assessment. In many situations, only the affected section will require replacing. If resurfacing is performed, it must be done by a professional to avoid warping or cupping. Much will depend on how much moisture has been absorbed and how long the damage was taking place before it was discovered.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles typically fare best when it comes to water damage. Moisture won’t penetrate the tiles and into the subflooring if the tiles were properly installed. It will also depend on the type of tile. This is another situation in which the assistance of a professional is essential. In some cases, the tiles can be reinstalled with an adhesive if they haven’t been loosened and the grout hasn’t been damaged.

Any time that water damage has occurred to floors, it’s essential to obtain the services of restoration and recovery professionals. They can evaluate the damage and they also have the advanced tools and specialized technology needed to save the flooring if it’s at all possible for it to be salvaged.

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