5 Ways to Identify Water Damage

Water damage is seldom an immediately noticeable occurrence. It typically happens over an extended amount of time. It’s only when the damage has become extensive and widespread that individuals realize they have a problem. However, there are early signs that can be detected by observant individuals. The following are five ways to identify water damage.


If left long enough, water from roof leaks will drip down and begin to discolor ceiling materials and even walls. Individuals should use caution if their ceilings or walls are becoming discolored, as it may be mold that’s causing the staining – as a result of a water leak. All mold needs to thrive and expand is warmth, darkness, and moisture.

Changes in Walls, Floors or Ceilings

A change in the appearance of walls, floors or ceilings is never good news. Water damage can manifest in several ways. Paint may begin to sag or peel and floors and ceilings can begin to bow or warp. The trim around doors and windows may exhibit bowing and there can be visible breaks and cracks in caulk lines.

Unusual or Musty Odors

Molds and bacteria have a gassing off effect as they grow that’s responsible for what’s described as a musty smell. It’s a definite giveaway that mold is growing somewhere in the structure. Mold isn’t the only substance that may cause unpleasant odors. There are a great many modern building materials that emit an undesirable or unusual odor when they get wet.

Increased Utility Bills

Leaks and water damage can affect utility bills in various ways. When the leak is the result of a faulty appliance or pipe, water bills can increase. Roof leaks can saturate insulation, rendering it ineffective and electric bills will increase as cooling units become less efficient.

Water Sounds

Listen for the sounds of dripping, running water, or a hissing sound. The sounds will be most obvious when a home or business is quiet and no water is being used. Structures make a wide variety of creaks, groans and moans as they settle at night due to temperature fluctuations – but the sound of water isn’t one of them.

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Water Damage

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