Air Quality is Essential for Good Health

An increasing number of people are becoming aware of the air quality in their homes and within the workplace – and with good reason. Air quality is a critical component for good health and can be affected by an array of variables.

Individuals in South Florida spend a significant amount of time indoors for the relief that air conditioning provides from the heat and humidity. Air quality can be affected by elements ranging from mold infestations to pollutants from manufacturing and other processes. Radon is a naturally occurring gas in the environment that can seep into buildings and is associated with lung cancer.

Poor air quality can cause allergy flareups, fatigue and eye irritation. It also affects the ability to obtain a sound night’s sleep the body needs to repair itself. Restless and interrupted sleep reduces cognitive function and indoor air quality has become a serious public health issue.

Addressing air quality is particularly important following a fire, flood or hurricane. The environment following those events is a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and viral contaminants. Preserving air quality requires more than just sweeping, mopping or vacuuming. Floor coverings and modern building materials have the ability to attract and hold contaminants no matter how much people clean.

There are measures that individuals can take to improve air quality at home and in the workplace. It’s beneficial to run an air purifier, at least in the bedroom at night. A whole-house filtration system is even better. Air duct cleaning will remove a variety of allergens and prevent them from being circulated through a structure.

Controlling humidity levels and using air vents when cooking is effective in addressing air quality. One of the most important things that individuals can do is to regularly check air filters and that’s especially important for AC units. Improving ventilation is a critical element for better air quality. Opening doors and windows, and operating ceiling fans, enables the exchange of old air for new.

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