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5 Ways to Identify Water Damage

Water damage is seldom an immediately noticeable occurrence. It typically happens over an extended amount of time. It’s only when the damage has become extensive and widespread that individuals realize they have a problem. However, there are early signs that can be detected by observant individuals. The following are five ways to identify water damage. …

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Unknown Dangers of a Roof Leak

Developing a leaky roof is something that everyone dreads. Repairs can be expensive and may not be covered by insurance policies, depending on the cause of the leak. What people don’t understand is that by the time a leak is detected, it’s typically been occurring for a significant amount of time and there are a …

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Different Types of Water Damage

Water damage typically happens without warning. What most people don’t know is that all water damage isn’t created equal. There are different types of water that can damage residential, business, and commercial structures. Each type of requires specific techniques, precautions, and solutions to address the problem that can only be performed by restoration professionals. Clean …

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Water Damage? Hire a Pro

Water damage can result from extinguishing a fire, a damaged roof, fire prevention sprinkler systems, or flooding from a storm. Damage due to a leaky pipe, water heater, or overflowing washing machine can be equally damaging. No matter where the water originates, it’s time to hire a pro when water intrudes on homes, businesses, and …

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Water Damage

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