Minimize Storm Damage with These Home Improvements

It’s easier to limit the potential for damage to dwellings with some home improvements than to suffer the aftermath. Even seemingly minor tropical storms can wreak havoc on homes. The home improvements don’t have to be expensive, require a major overhaul of systems, or be expensive to be effective. It’s much better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

Impact Glass

Installing impact glass windows and door glass helps protect homes from any type of blowing debris. The glass will splinter, but won’t shatter and break from an impact. It works in much the same way as auto glass. Because it doesn’t break, rain and debris won’t enter the home. The windows are advantageous whether used in conjunction with shutters or not.

Garage Concerns

A well-placed limb can shatter glass, damage garage doors, and provide an entry point for floodwaters and unwanted wildlife. Garage doors can be reinforced with bracing on the inside of the door. Braces can also be added to strengthen wheel tracks. Hire a professional to perform the tasks or consider the installation of a garage door designed to withstand high winds.

Basements and Foundations

Concrete is a porous material that allows water to enter. Sealants can be applied to concrete foundations that protect it against liquids. There are also methods that can be used to modify crawlspaces and basements that enables water to enter and exit instead of crashing against the home which can result in knocking the home off its foundation.

Backflow Valves

One of the most dangerous situations can occur due to sewer backflows. Consider having sewer backflow valves installed. They temporarily block drain pipes, thereby preventing backflows into the house.


Every home has weaknesses that can be exploited when storms manifest. Search out weaknesses in areas ranging from the roof and gutter systems to gables and siding. Have them appropriately fortified before a storm strikes.

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