Ways to Improve Air Quality in your Home

If you’re suffering from what you think is seasonal allergies – think again. The runny nose and itchy eyes could be the result of poor air quality in your home. The air in indoor environments can make you ill and those with respiratory ailments are especially susceptible to air contaminated by potential irritants encompassing pollen, pet hair, dust, and environmental pollutants.

The vast majority of people mistakenly believe that their home environments are cleaner than outdoors, but it can actually be worse and increasing with more people staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Air conditioning and closed windows won’t prevent pollutants from entering.

Pollution from various avenues gains access through clothing that’s worn outside, mold and mildew in high humidity climates, and from naturally occurring sources such as radon, forest fires, and ground-level ozone. The following are easy ways to improve the air quality in your home.

Air Conditioning Filters

While an air conditioning unit provides a comfortable environment, the filter is also screening out a variety of pollutants. A dirty filter doesn’t remove pollutants effectively and actually makes your air conditioning work less efficiently, leading to reduced efficiency and higher cooling bills.

Air Ducts

Dust, pet hair, and mold can build up in air ducts and as air conditioner work, contaminants are spread from room to room. Your home can greatly benefit from annual ductwork cleaning by a professional.

Air Purifiers

A whole-house air purifying system, or smaller air purifier units throughout the home, can help significantly in reducing the number of pollutants within the home. Even a single purifier in the bedroom can contribute substantially to your health and more restful sleep.

Cleaning Carpets

Rugs and carpets attract pollutants and hold them within fibers. Regular cleaning is essential. You can clean them yourself with a home steam cleaner or have them done by a professional.

Exhaust Fans

You’d be surprised how many pollutants originate in your own kitchen. Gas and electric stoves emit carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide when you cook and bake. Exhaust fans are designed to remove odors and they’re effective for venting those chemicals.

Humidity Levels

Managing humidity levels is critical for controlling the growth of mold and mildew. A whole-house dehumidifier or several smaller units strategically placed throughout the home provides an excellent strategy for combating humidity.

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