Check your Air Quality if you’re Consistently Feeling Ill

The air in your home or business can be making you sick and you’ll never even know it. The symptoms of poor air quality can occur at any time of the year, especially in South Florida, and they’re not limited to the traditional flu season. Air quality can be affected by a wide variety of factors.

One of the most important elements in indoor air quality is the ventilation and the availability of air exchange. Outdoor pollutants, air conditioning, and the behavior of occupants also play a significant role. Air purifiers can help, but they’re not a viable option should the air in your home be afflicted with mold, bacteria or a viral contaminate.

When individuals and pets go in or out of a building, they bring in contaminates on their clothing, shoes and even hair that will affect air quality. If biologicals such as bacteria, mold and viruses are present, families, pets, employees and customers can all be affected. Even the layout and design of a structure can contribute to poor air quality.

Symptoms ranging from coughing and sneezing, headaches, sore throat, wheezing, and eyes that are red, watery or sensitive to light may occur. The CDC indicates that dizziness and fatigue may be symptoms and can aggravate heart disease. Poor air quality is especially dangerous to those with respiratory conditions, that have HIV, or are a transplant patient. The potential for developing fungal or bacterial infections increases with poor air quality.

Radon is another contaminate that affects air quality. It’s an odorless, invisible radioactive gas that exists naturally in the soil. It can seep into structures and requires specialized testing to detect. Carbon monoxide is another invisible gas that can be drawn into homes from the soil and air and build up in your home or business without proper ventilation.

A restoration and recovery service has the ability to test air quality, identify through lab analysis the exact pollutants that are present, and employ effective treatments to eliminate them. Poor air quality occurs in a home or business through no fault of your own. Engaging the services of a professional remediation and recovery company ensures clean air and a healthy environment for your family, clients and employees.

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