Call in Experts When a Home Disaster Hits

No one wants to think about the many disasters that can befall their home. It’s the reason that people have insurance. However, when a home disaster occurs remediation experts can address issues encompassing water damage and biohazard cleanups to restoring air quality. The professionals even work with insurance companies to save possessions and return homes to livable conditions.

Remediation specialists are able to contend with any type of disaster. They mitigate damage on all salvageable property ranging from furnishings to electronics. They’ll inventory possessions, pack them up and transport them to their facility where items will be cleaned and disinfected utilizing state-of-the-art techniques. The experts will even store possessions until clients can move them back into their home. Remediation professionals provide an extensive array of services.


The virus affects the health of individuals and those with which they come into contact. The remediation professionals can disinfect and sanitize entire structures according to strict CDC standards.


The experts will begin by boarding up the premises to prevent unauthorized entry. They provide smoke odor and soot removal, ozone treatment, and flooring restoration or replacement. Salvageable items will be treated, returned to their previous condition, and the company will ensure the home is structurally sound if applicable.


Whether it’s water from a burst pipe, extinguishing a fire, or flooding from a hurricane, a remediation company will remove the water and restore any salvageable possessions. They provide leak detection services and thermal infrared imaging, along with deodorization and mold remediation.

Biohazard Cleanup

No one anticipates the need for cleanup of biohazards, but if the situation arises, remediation experts are essential. They’re specially trained to remove blood and other bodily fluids, remove solid and liquid biohazards, and pathological wastes. The professionals are also able to remove biohazards that include sewage, methamphetamine labs, and provide cleaning of all surrounding areas.


The experts take a sample and have it identified at a lab to ascertain the exact type of mold is present. The source will be located and the area sealed to prevent further contamination. The mold will be removed and all surfaces cleaned and decontaminated.

Air Quality

A variety of bacterial, viral and fungal agents can affect the air quality in homes. Remediation experts have the knowledge, tools and equipment to remove contaminants, clean ductwork, and apply the appropriate methods to ensure the highest standards are met.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida Rapid Restoration is South Florida’s #1 restoration company in the disaster relief industry. With 24/7 emergency services we have provided thousands of clients with emergency restoration services throughout Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Miami Dade, Broward,  and Port St. Lucie Counties. We offer property restoration, mediation and, repair for water damage, mold removal, fire, smoke and biohazard removal services throughout the entire South Florida area.

We are a Licensed Commercial and Residential Emergency Restoration Contractor.

Whether it’s your home or office that’s been affected by water damage, fire, smoke damage, or mold, contact Rapid Restoration Recovery, Inc.

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