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Do you have a wet spot on your ceiling from water damage? Did your home or office experience a flood? If so, it’s time to call the water damage restoration professionals at Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc.

Leaving water damage unaddressed can lead to some much more significant problems down the road. Unfortunately, issues from storms, appliances, or floods can happen unexpectedly, leaving your home or business out of commission for the time being.

Rapid Restoration Recovery Company

Types of Water Damage That Can Affect Your Home or Business

Water damage comes in many forms. It can be a result of natural forces, such as storms and floods, but can also be a result of appliance issues or even post-fire related issues.

Leaks in the Building

While it may be “The Sunshine State,” Florida also has its fair share of storms throughout the summer.

With Boca Raton’s proximity to the coast, it is more likely to sustain wind damage from those afternoon storms, which can lead to water leaks. These leaks can range in severity. Left unchecked, they will guarantee a whole new set of problems.

Roof leaks can impact the infrastructure of homes and businesses. It can also spread to electrical wiring and fixtures, which is dangerous.


Boca Raton’s location presents somewhat of an issue concerning high-intensity tropical systems. Especially with the hurricane season, coastal cities are more likely to face issues from flooding.

This type of damage is dangerous in that it can impact anything at ground level. It can also lead to excessive mold growth, which will sprout further issues if not handled quickly.

Fire Ash

When your home or business has sustained a fire, there is also a good chance that it will have seen some water damage. High impact hoses designed to put out flames can play a role in this type of secondary impact.

With quick access to the area, it is possible to minimize the damage caused in the scenario. However, it is worth noting this is an afterthought for many who have had to deal with a fire.

What to Do When You Detect Water Damage

  • The first thing you should always do is contact an expert for their opinion. Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc specializes in dealing with water damage and will ensure that the least amount of devastation affects your property.
  • Allow for proper ventilation in areas with excess water so that it can dry. This action will also lessen the likelihood of mold growth.
  • Each situation will be unique. We stress the importance of quickly reaching out so that we can get in a do what we do best.

Local Business – Why Choose Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc?

Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc proudly provides water damage restoration services in Boca Raton, and has so for many years. We specialize in handling water damaged buildings and homes. Rest assured, we will do our best to limit the irreversible damage caused to your home or business.

If you have detected any water damage in your property, call us today!

About the Area

Known for the Boca Raton Bowl, the area boasts an affluent and educated high-income demographics. It is located in the southernmost part of Palm Beach County, Florida. It has 2 miles of beaches as well. With a tropical climate and daily thundershowers,

Boca Raton properties are a prime target for water damage. As a city with many planned developments and top companies such as IBM and Office Depot, trusted damage restoration services are vital. Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc is the trusted restoration services company in Boca Raton for water damage, mold damage, and fire damage restoration.


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