Why Spraying Mold is not the Answer

There are dozens of home remedies that people have used to kill mold in their house, only to discover it’s returned. The most popular home concoction consists of a bleach and water solution sprayed on the affected area. The facts are far different than reality – spraying bleach on mold is perhaps one of the worst things that individuals can do.

Bleach only kills some types of molds. It’s effective on most hard and non-porous surfaces, but it doesn’t work if there’s mold on surfaces such as hardwood flooring or drywall. When the fungi find a welcoming environment on a porous surface, it methodically begins to sink its roots deep into the surface. Simply spraying the surface doesn’t kill the roots so it regrows.


Mold grows in warm, damp environments. Spraying bleach and water on mold does nothing but provide it with additional moisture to begin its life cycle again. The chlorine in beach quickly dries and dissipates, leaving the water to feed the fungi.

Color Loss

Mold will typically appear as a dirty spot. It’s often one of the first ways that individuals discover that they have a mold problem. Bleach leaches the color from mold and the surface may appear “clean,” but the fungi continue to grow.

Damage to Surfaces

Bleach has the potential to weaken the structural integrity of homes. When used on wood surfaces, bleach weakens and breaks down fibers. Bleach removes color from the items it touches. When applied to metal – particularly copper and stainless steel – it reacts with the metal and causes corrosion.

Lack of Sanitizing Power

When mixed with water, bleach quickly loses its strength. The odor of bleach may linger for a while, but it doesn’t provide any residual effects so mold and bacteria will quickly return. Light and heat also compromise the effectiveness of bleach solutions.

Safe Microbials

There are a number of microbial agents on the market – both chemical and those that are eco-friendly. Many are registered with the EPA as mold-specific. They have an immediate effect and actually work to prevent the fungi and mold from growing back.

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