Tips for Preventing Mold in your Home

No one wants a mold infestation in their home and there are specific measures that you can take to control the growth of the fungi in your house. Mold lives in outdoor and indoor environments and there are over a dozen of types of fungi that may typically be found in a home.

There’s always a certain amount of mold in any atmosphere and it can enter your home by multiple routes. A mold infestation can cause mild to severe symptoms, but it can even be deadly for those with a compromised immune system. The following are tips for preventing mold growth.

Humidity Levels

It’s essential that you control the humidity levels in your home. It should be no higher than 50 percent and air conditioners and dehumidifiers will both help accomplish that goal. It’s a good idea to buy a meter to monitor levels. They’re very inexpensive and a good investment.

Free Flowing Air

Construction that facilitates good air flow isn’t automatically designed into homes. It can be a good idea to open windows on a breezy day if the outside humidity level isn’t too high. Use exhaust fans while cooking and when bathing or showering to draw humid air outside. Also, make sure clothes dryers are vented outside the home.


A leaky roof, pipe or water heater should all be repaired as quickly as possible to prevent the growth of mold. It only takes 24 hours for mold to begin to grow in moist conditions. Cleaning products that kill mold are especially beneficial in bathrooms.


Severe rains and hurricanes that can result in flooding are both situations with which Florida residents must contend. After flooding has occurred, it’s imperative that you dry your home out as soon as possible.

Call a Specialist

An emergency mold remediation company should be called anytime that you have a leak or flooding. Leaks often aren’t immediately noticeable and mold growth will probably already have begun by the time you find it. The professionals will remove spoiled furnishings and belongings, remove the water, and treat any mold problems.

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