Once Wet, Does Drywall Need to be Replaced?

The simple answer is no, but much will depend on the amount of water involved in the incident, the type of water, and how quickly the water is eliminated. Drywall that’s been wet for 48 hours or more should be removed and replaced, along with any insulation. In addition to ruining the drywall, within 24 hours the growth of mold begins.

If drywall has exceeded the 48-hour limit, call in a professional restoration company. The job of removing the materials and performing the new installation will be far more extensive than most people anticipate. It requires an elevated level of training and experience.

The type of water that caused the damage is also a critical factor. Water from a broken or leaky water pipe, or a malfunctioning appliance such as washer, water heater or dishwasher, is relatively “clean.” Water flow should be shut off to prevent further damage and any visible water can be mopped up. Drywall can typically be dried out without replacement.

Flooding from strong storms, hurricanes and sewer backups are another matter entirely and no one should ever attempt to deal with them on their own. Always call in a professional remediation company. Flooding from storms and hurricanes contain contaminants ranging from sewage and chemicals to dead animals and parasites. Drywall will need to be immediately removed and surrounding materials replaced.

Sewage backups release physical and airborne contaminants. Sewage can contain pathogens encompassing E-coli, salmonella and botulism. Vapors are released that can result in vomiting and cramping, along with fever, gastroenteritis and even death with prolonged exposure. Drywall and surrounding materials will need to be completely replaced and the area sanitized.

Restoration companies have the specialized training and industrial tools required to remove and replace contaminated materials safely. They also have the experience to know when drywall must be replaced and when it can be left in place.

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