Mold Removal is not a DIY Project

The most important lesson everyone should learn about mold is that it’s not a DIY project and there’s a myriad of reasons why the professionals should always be called in. Mold occurs naturally in the environment, but it’s only when it grows in excess that it becomes a problem. There are over a dozen types of common molds that can affect homes and businesses.

Without knowing exactly what type of mold is present, individuals can inadvertently place themselves, their family or customers in danger. The first step in mold removal is to safely take samples of the mold and have it professionally identified to ascertain the correct remediation methods to use. A mold remediation company will perform that identification and locate the exact areas of infestation.

Mold growth will typically extend far beyond what’s readily visible. It can grow unseen behind walls, under floors and in attics for months before its detected. Mold also grows in places most people never even consider, such as ductwork for AC and heating units, in and near kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, window sills, and even indoor plants.

DIY mold removal will only result in spreading the contamination and making a bad situation even worse. A professional remediation company will take appropriate measures to isolate and contain the infestation and remove it in such a way that spores won’t be spread to other areas of the structure. Professional mold remediation companies also know which biocides and fungicides with which to treat different types of mold.

Whenever mold is disturbed – even a little – it releases microscopic spores that are blown about by even the slightest air movement. Without the specialized protective equipment available to professionals, individuals are placing their health at significant risk by inhaling the spores. The potential for serious complications increases if an individual has allergies or a respiratory condition.

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