I Have Mold! Do I Need to Move Out?

Mold spores exist in every environment imaginable. The fungi usually only becomes a problem when it begins to multiply quickly and expansively. However, those with allergies and respiratory conditions may respond to it long before it becomes an obvious problem. The need to move out of a home will largely depend on the type of mold that’s infesting your home, personal preferences, and health considerations.

There are more than a dozen types of mold that can grow in homes. The vast majority aren’t dangerous unless someone has an underlying health issue or are especially sensitive. A mold remediation company will begin by determining the extent of the mold, taking a sample and having it identified in a lab, which will determine the specific treatment required.

A company specializing in mold detection, removal, and remediation will erect a plastic barrier to contain the area of mold to isolate it from the rest of the home. Special precautions will be taken during the treatment and removal process to ensure there’s no cross-contamination to other areas. You typically don’t need to temporarily vacate your home while the work is being conducted.

Mold requires dampness to grow and can appear on window casings, pipes, in air conditioning filters, ductwork, and areas affected by roof leaks. It can live on paper products, in upholstery, carpet and drapes, and grows especially well in common home construction materials that includes wood, ceiling tiles, drywall, and insulation. Anyone that’s experienced home flooding will also find mold.

Your mold removal and remediation service will be able to completely and safely address any type of mold problem. Negative air machines and anti-microbial agents will be utilized to stop mold growth, remove existing infestations, and ensure other areas of the home aren’t contaminated.

With the equipment, techniques, and precautions that a professional remediation company has at its disposal, there’s no need to move out of your home while the problem is being addressed. The exception would be if the mold growth was so widespread that it wouldn’t be feasible to remain in the house while the professionals work.

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