How to Spot Mold in Your Home

There are approximately 12 types of molds that typically inhabit homes. Mold is a naturally occurring fungi in the outdoor environment that provides the valuable service of helping to break down plant and animal matter. It’s spread by spores through the air, water, on pets and on people and their clothing.

A mold infestation is fairly easy to identify once it’s located. The fungi can appear as an innocuous scuff mark on a wall or behind furniture. It may also look like a dirty area on any surface. Mold only needs moisture, warmth and relative darkness to grow and homes with a fungi infestation will acquire a musty smell.

If your home has experienced water damage from storms, roof damage or a water leak, there’s a good chance that there’s been mold growth. What you may not know is that mold can also grow in AC filters and ductwork that’s then blown about your home where it can start a new colony.

A DIY test can be done with a swab and a diluted bleach solution of 1 part bleach to 16 parts water. Dab a small area of the solution on the suspect area. If the area quickly lightens or continues to come back after it’s been cleaned, there’s a good chance it’s mold.

Mold can have a serious effect on health that’s often chalked up to allergies. Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and sinus headaches. People may also experience wheezing and difficult breathing, congestion, and a sore and itchy throat. If the symptoms get better when you leave the house, you should suspect mold. Some types of molds are highly toxic and have the potential to result in life-threatening illness.

The best recourse if you’ve detected mold in your home is to hire a professional remediation company. The professionals will contain the contaminant, have a sample analyzed by a lab, and treat the entire home if necessary to remove the affected area and restore air quality.

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