How to Detect Mold in Carpets

The potential for mold is very real, particularly in warm climates with high humidity. It can occur even with the use of air conditioning to maintain a cool environment and reduce humidity levels. Mold infestations produce the same symptoms as allergies and is especially dangerous for anyone with respiratory conditions such as asthma and COPD.


As mold proliferates, it emits a distinctive odor that’s been described as musty, earthy and stale. No matter what the term used to describe it, the odor is extremely unpleasant. The smell will permeate the entire home or business.


Conduct a visual inspection of the carpet for green, white or black growths. A magnifying glass may need to be needed. Wear a mask to prevent mold inhalation.

Beneath the Carpet

Mold is a type of fungi and will often begin growing underneath carpeting before signs are demonstrated on the surface. Carpeting below ground level and in bathrooms are at the highest risk of developing mold. Anti-microbial rubber carpet pads are available that help resist mold growth.

Allergies & Illness

Mold produces multiple symptoms in people that most individuals mistake for allergies, including runny nose, red eyes, sneezing, and difficulty breathing for people that have respiratory conditions. Anyone experiencing symptoms outside of typical allergy season, or if symptoms improve when they leave the structure, the problem could very well be mold.


Anyone that suspects they have mold growing in the home or workplace should call a professional remediation service. The experts have the tools, experience and expertise to detect mold and handle it safely. Individuals shouldn’t try to remove or treat a moldy carpet themselves. The fungi’s spores easily spread and can contaminate even the smallest nooks and crannies.

Individuals that have experienced flooding from a broken pipe, defective appliance, or natural disaster should assume they have mold growth. In warm and damp conditions, the fungi can begin growing and spreading in as little as 24 hours. Call a mold remediation specialist immediately. If mold is present, the professionals have the training and experience required to contain the infestation and remove it.

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