Do I Need to Worry about Roof Mold?

Mold occurs naturally in the environment and it typically only causes a problem when it affects health or properties. You may assume that mold is only a concern if it occurs inside your home, but there are other ways it can affect you and even others in your neighborhood. A highly overlooked area of mold dissemination is the types that grow on roofs.

Roof mold infestations occur throughout the nation, but Florida residents are particularly at risk due to the state’s humid climate. Roofs that receive a significant amount of shade are at increased danger. Mold can be growing on roofs for quite some time before it becomes blatantly obvious. It often appears as a green or brown organic mass, but can also display in the form of unattractive black streaks.

Mold Moves

Mold spores are easily and effectively disseminated to other locations through the wind. If your home is infected, the problem needs to be addressed promptly for the health of your own family, the structural integrity of your home, and the safety of other homeowners in the community. If you see an infestation in another home nearby, it’s imperative that you employ measures to prevent its spread to your home.

Home Damage

Mold isn’t just unsightly. It has the ability to damage the roof, spread to other areas, and impair the structural integrity of your home. It eats away at roofing material and provides an opening for mold to move indoors into attics through leaks. Given humidity and moisture, mold will quickly multiply in attics and can be spread throughout the home behind walls. Mold also grows in gutters and can be transferred to roofs.

Compromised Health

Mold is a type of fungi that can lead to ill health and it’s especially dangerous for anyone with respiratory conditions or a compromised immune system. It also has the ability to affect the health of pets.

Mitigation Measures

If mold is a problem for you or a nearby neighbor, call in mitigation and restoration professionals. They know where to look for spreading infestations and how to remove it without contaminating other areas. They can inspect roofs, treat infestations, restore areas of damage, and suggest preventative measures such as additional ridge vents or roofing materials that discourage mold growth.

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