Can I Stay in my Home During Mold Remediation?

Mold exists naturally both inside and outdoors. Most people never even notice its growth or the symptoms often associated with it, but a mold infestation is extremely serious. The good news is that you can usually remain in your home if you want while remediation is being performed.

Much depends on how extensive the infestation is, but there are other things to consider. The equipment used to clear the mold will be noisy. You may find it annoying, but the equipment can’t be turned off. The home’s HVAC system may also need to be shut down and depending upon the time of year, temperatures can soar and become extremely uncomfortable.

Sensitivity may also be an issue for you or a family member. Even the wave of a hand near a colony of mold is enough to send spores into the air. You won’t be able to use the room being treated since it will be cordoned off and the chemicals being used may cause a reaction.

A professional remediation team leaves nothing to chance. There are more than a dozen types of fungi that commonly infect homes. The remediation team will take samples to identify which type of mold is in evidence and it will be verified through laboratory analysis. Once the type of fungi has been categorized, the remediation experts can create a detailed plan for its removal.

A mold remediation company will carefully seal off contaminated areas to prevent the mold from spreading and contaminating other areas of the home. Depending upon the infestation level, multiple areas of the home may need to be partitioned off for treatment.

The remediation team will use an extremely high-powered vacuum to remove the mold and the infected surfaces will be cleaned. Sometimes it’s necessary for affected areas to be removed. The experts are able to do this, remove it without contaminating other areas, and dispose of it in an appropriate manner. A mold clearance report confirming the removal is issued when the job is completed.

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