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Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc is proud to work with Mister Leak.

A family owned and operated business which has been serving the victims of leaky pipelines for over 10 years.

Mister Leak know that water leak detection techniques were notorious for creating destruction and mayhem in the past. Often the detection of water leaks would involve walls, floors and other pipes which would get damaged in the process to locate the actual leak.

That is why we, at Mister Leak use efficient non-invasive equipment that protects your assets and ensures limited damage. We take care of you and your property like it’s our own.

Mister Leak is a trusted partner of major insurance companies, plumbers and property owners.drop

What’s Included:

  • Electronic Leak Detectiondrop

  • Infrared Camera Leak Detectiondrop

  • Pipe Camera Inspectionsdrop

  • Moisture Detectiondrop

  • Hydrostatic Shower Pan Leak Detectiondrop

  • Irrigation Leak Detection

  • Pipe Locating Services

  • Slab Leak Detection