Reasons You Should Have Your HVAC System Cleaned

Reasons You Should Have Your HVAC System Cleaned by Professionals

In a perfect world, we should all have our HVAC system cleaned at least once a year. Of course, HVAC duct cleaning and general HVAC cleaning are important at other times as well.

On this page, we are taking a look at the benefits of regular HVAC Cleaning.

Save Money

Regular HVAC duct cleaning helps you to save money. In our experience, this is something many of us overlook. When you have your HVAC systems cleaned, it operates more efficiently. Reducing running costsare one of the main benefits of regular HVAC cleaning.

A more efficient running HVAC system means you save money on energy costs. Energy costs are on the increase. Many homeowners and business owners overlook that something as so simple as HVAC cleaning reduces running costs.

Less Risk of A Fire

Fire damage is the last thing you want to face in your home or business. Not only is it costly, but fire is also emotionally distressing.

There are many ways in which you can minimize the risk of a fire breaking out. One of the easiest ways in which to reduce the risk is regular HVAC cleaning.

HVAC duct cleaning removes dust and grime from your HVAC system. When we have too much dust and dirt particles in our HVAC systems, a fire can easily break out. The fire often starts in greasy deposits. Dust and other unwanted particles fuel fire.

A fire in an HVAC system can quickly spread through your home or business.


HVAC Cleaning Removes Allergens

Environmental allergens include pollen and mold. When you are allergic to grass pollen or pollen from other plants, regular HVAC cleaning removes common allergens in your home environment.

Just like in your car, pollen and other allergens like to call the HVAC system their home. Even relatively large pollen can be sucked up by your HVAC. Before you know it, they are deposited all over your home or business.

Pollen and seeds often have small spurs on them which attach themselves to dust particles. They either stay or get blown out into the interior environment. When you have allergies, this quickly leads to unwanted symptoms such as sneezing and coughing. You may also experience a runny nose and sore eyes. Itchy skin is another symptom you should be aware.

Can Mold Grow in My HVAC System?

The answer to that question is yes.

Both mold and mildew spores love growing in HVAC systems. Not only do they like to grow in dust and grime, but they are also experts at finding damp areas in your HVAC system.

As we use the air-conditioning a lot in Florida, damp areas often develop in air-conditioning units and HVAC systems. Our Florida humidity contributes to excessive mold growth in all parts of our homes.

Even if you just have a stand-alone air-conditioner we recommend you have it cleared on a regular basis. If you have a HVAC systems, you should at least have a yearly HVAC cleaning service carried out.

Pet Hair and Modern Homes

Pet hair can also get caught up in the HVAC system.

Maybe you are not normally sensitive to pet hair. That’s great. But, the truth is that most of us are sensitive to an excessive amount of pet hair.

When pet hair enter the HVAC system in your home, they behave very much in the same way dust particles do attaching themselves to grime and grease. There is no way of removing pet hair from your HVAC system without HVAC duct cleaning.

Left unchecked, pet hairs easily make their way into filters and the heat exchangers. If you have long haired dogs that shed a lot, regular HVAC cleaning is very important.

Not only will it reduce the risk of repairs, it also makes your home smell nicer. We all love our pets, but sometimes it is difficult to get rid of that “fur baby” odor.

HVAC Duct Cleaning and Mold

Mold can start to grow almost anywhere in the home.

We often neglect the mold we can’t see. But, as a matter of fact, this is perhaps the mold that can lead to more extensive mold emediation work in our homes and buildings.

Unless you remove mold in all parts of your home, it is likely to return quickly. This is Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc recommend HVAC cleaning as part of our mold removal service.

Mold and mildew can both turn up anywhere in your HVAC systems. When we remove grilles for cleaning, we often find colonies of mold growing on the side which faces the ducting. Targeting all areas of mold in your home is essential.

Odor Control In the Home

Does your home smell nice?

If your home does not smell nice, and you have tried everything, there is a reason for that.

Home deodorization is one of the premier services offered by Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc.

Trying to disguise the smell of what we like to call a “lived home” with sprays, scented candles, and carpet cleaners, only work for so long. In the end, you have to take some more drastic action.

Regular carpet cleaning helps, but that is not the only answer. When you come home, open the front, and start sniffing the air, there is something going on. And yes, most of the time, that lived-in smell is a sign that your HVAC system needs cleaning.

Doing so helps with home deodorization and improves your entire living environment. For instance, did you know that mosquitoes like to leave in our HVAC systems? Getting rid of unwanted bugs is an additional benefit you get with HVAC duct cleaning.

Let's Wrap It Up

When you would like to know more about home care problems carry on reading our blog.

You can arrange an appointment with one of our HVAC cleaning specialists by call by calling us or using the contact form on our website. We are happy to give you a free estimate for HVAC system cleaning.

Not only do we offer HVAC duct cleaning, but we also provide mold removal and a complete mold remediation service.

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