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Frequently Asked Questions About Mold Remediation

Mold remediation and mold removal are two of the premier services we offer at Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc.

High humidity is one of the reasons we experience problems with mold and mildew in this part of the United States. But, humidity is not the only cause of mold. If you would like some of your frequent questions about mold removal and mold remediation answered, feel free to read our FAQ Section on mold remediation.

Yes, there is an association between mold and water damage. But, water damage is not the only reason we experience mold growth in our homes.

As the climate is both hot and humid in this part of the United States, we experience mold growth faster after water damage. As a matter of fact, mold or mildew spores spread so fast they can start growing almost right away. If you have experienced a water leak in the past, you probably know exactly what we mean.

Mold appears very fast in our climate and can spread. This is why it is important to contact a mold remediation service fast.

Mold is part of nature. It is found in our homes, commercial properties, and other places. It really doesn’t matter where you go – you will find mold.

Of course, you are likely to find mold in some areas of your home more frequently than others. Mold spores love growing in damp areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

But, it can grow almost anywhere. If you have a slow leak in your home, mold quickly establishes itself. Dampness is like a magnet for mold. It seems to know where the leak is and points you to it.

Although mold likes to grow in an area with a leak, it does not always manifest itself. Sometimes, you may notice a damp area and think nothing of it. The next day when you look, you will notice a covering of black. Mold has discovered the leak.

To back up our mold remediation service, we also offer a leak detection service. The team at Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc knows how important it is to find a leak FAST. Even a slow leak can do a lot of damage and cause an excessive amount of mold growth.

Supermarket cleaning products are not really up to getting rid of mold and deep cleaning your home. Actually, mold has very little to do with dirt.

Yes, mold is more likely to turn up in unclean households, but that is not as a rule of thumb. Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc offers a hoarder cleanup service. During hoarder cleanups, we often mold.

The mold found is not always down to the home or building being unclean. Hoarders often put away damp materials which cause mold to grow faster.

It is hard to give a fixed price over the phone when it comes to mold remediation. This is why we like to call around and see the problem for ourselves.

Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc offers free estimates for all of our services. If you think you have a problem with mold or mildew, please feel free to give us a call. We are happy to call around and give you a no-obligation quote or estimate.

Once we have removed the mold, and restored the affected area, we give you a mold warranty. That is how confident we are in our mold removal and mold remediation service.

Before we start removing mold, we check your entire home. Often we find that mold lurks in more than area. Yes, you may have a large area of mold in your kitchen. But, from our experience, we know that mold spores are probably present elsewhere as well.

Mold and mildew are found in almost room in the house. We also check your basement, attic, and garage. If your garage is attached to your house, it is likely mold has spread from your garage into your main living area.

We remove mold using special equipment and anti-microbial cleaning agents.

Yes, it can. If you are sensitive to mold, it can cause both urgent and long-term health problems.

The most common health problem associated with mold is asthma. But, you can also experience skin problems when mold is present on shower heads. That is why we always check the entire bathroom area.

Mold can cause serious long term health problems. The more we learn, it becomes clear mold is behind a range of infections. Scientists are currently investigating the link between mold and leukaemia.

When you know or suspect you have a problem with mold in your home, give us a call. We will explain in greater detail how our expert mold remediation service works.

Please don’t be embarrassed if you discover mold in your home. It is very common in this part of Florida and is associated with our warm and humid climate.  

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