Types of Humidity Sensors

Humidity levels can be a problem in South Florida, leading to mold growth and uncomfortable conditions. At the same time, the amount of humidity in the air will have an effect on whether the air “feels” warm or cool. It’s a good idea to monitor humidity levels for the health of people, pets, and structures.

The proper name for humidity sensors is hygrometers and they work by detecting the moisture in the air. Knowing the humidity levels in homes and businesses enables people to control the environment by engaging air conditioning in the summer and a humidifier in the winter. The following are the three types of humidity sensors.


This sensor measures the relative humidity – the percentage of moisture in the air for the current temperature. They offer stable readings and can detect a wide range of humidity levels. There are tabletop models of varying sizes that can be set in any room of the house. Some operate with a battery, some don’t. There are also electronic models that operate via Wi-Fi.


A resistive sensor also monitors relative humidity and is known as a hygristor. Like capacitive sensors, they’re an effective, yet low-cost option for measuring relative humidity. Resistive sensors are able to monitor from remote locations in which the sensor and the signaling circuit is larger.


These measure the absolute humidity level – the level of humidity without factoring in the temperature. Thermal sensors are typically utilized in high-temperature environments or those that are corrosive in nature. They’re highly durable and are capable of providing higher levels of accuracy than other types.

Why It Matters

Relative humidity levels of 30 percent or less results in dry skin. It also affects the body’s mucous levels in the nose, throat and eyes, thereby increasing the risk of becoming ill. Low humidity can be detrimental to hair, leaving it with a flat appearance.

Low humidity increases the presence of static electricity that can give people and pets a shock, and damage electronics. Humidity levels that are too low warps furnishing and can even cause paint to crack on walls.

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