Don’t Suffer with Poor Home Air Quality

The air quality of homes can be severely compromised and those living there are often unaware that anything is amiss. They may experience symptoms that are typically chalked up to allergies, asthma or sinus problems. Coughing, sneezing and shortness of breath are common. Symptoms may also include headaches and fatigue.

In the most severe instances, people may have irritation of the eyes, throat, nose and skin, along with dizziness and nausea. It’s particularly dangerous for individuals with respiratory conditions. People often notice that symptoms subside when they go outdoors or are away on vacation. Poor air quality can arise from a number of causes and it’s a serious health concern. Identifying the source and remediating it requires the services of a professional.

Mold is one of the most common causes of poor air quality. It occurs naturally indoors and outside, but it’s only when the fungus is present in elevated levels that it adversely affects air quality. There are approximately 12 types of mold that typically affect homes.

It grows in warm, damp conditions and can be found in air conditioning filters and ductwork where it gets blown about and disseminated throughout the home. It can also stem from leaks in pipes or roofs. Mold propagates itself via miniscule spores and can lodge behind walls, in ceilings and under floors.

There are also dozens of bacteria and viruses that infect homes. Many are beneficial and individuals may have developed a resistance to them. However, there are pathogens that can cause rashes and infections if they’re available in sufficient amounts, and most recently, COVID-19.

Poor air quality can be corrected with the services of a professional remediation and restoration company. The experts will take samples and have them verified in a laboratory to determine exactly what type of pathogen is present.

If mold is the problem, they’ll find the source and establish containment measures to prevent it from spreading. When bacteria or viruses are the source of the contamination, specialized sanitizers, disinfectants and other methods are available to return a home’s indoor environment to health.

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