Does a Sewer Clog Mean Sewer Damage?

Sewer clogs are one of the most common household problems and one of the most frustrating. If a clog leads to an overflow, it has the potential for becoming a toxic and even deadly situation. A clogged sewer can be an easy fix or it can be a symptom of a much more serious problem such as damage to the underground sewer lines.

Tree Roots

The roots of trees sense water and oxygen in sewer lines and actively seek them out. Larger, deeper roots have the power to break underground sewer lines. Fibrous tendrils from the roots can fill sewer lines and disrupt the flow of water.

Foreign Objects

From toys to hairbrushes, there’s an endless array of items that can be accidentally dropped into a toilet. It’s a good idea when babyproofing a home to include a toilet lock to prevent small children from putting things in the toilet or flushing them down.

Old Sewer Lines

Sewer lines that have been in place for decades without being upgraded can become weak and break. Prior to the 1950s, it was common for sewer lines to be made of clay that can break and cast iron that can rust.


Grease, oils and fats that are put down drains congeal over time and form clogs. The clogs can be highly resistant to products designed to clear drains and the formulas have the potential to damage pipes.

The Lawn

Lawns aren’t solid surfaces that never change. They can develop dips and humps that affect underground sewer pipes. Driving heavy vehicles over lawns can compact soil and a heavy enough vehicle can even place enough pressure on lines to break them.

Rain and Flooding

South Florida receives a significant amount of rain and hurricanes produce flooding, both of which loosen and disrupt soil around sewer pipes. The soil movement that takes place has the power to affect the alignment of pipes that impedes the flow of water.

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