Smoke Detectors Save Lives and Property

Smoke detectors are a proven warning system that’s critical for the early detection of fires. Not having one can make the difference between life and death. During a fire, smoke and a variety of toxic and even deadly gases are released. The smoke and gases tend to be disseminated faster than the associated heat and can be detected faster with a smoke detector.

A smoke detector functions as a 24/7 guard. When smoke is detected, the device emits a shrill alarm that’s able to even wake sleepers, giving them time to escape. Even if fire isn’t visible, the smoke that’s released when there’s a smoldering fire from a faulty appliance or a wiring short behind walls will activate the sensors on a smoke detector.

Approximately 2,000 people lose their lives each year because they either didn’t have a smoke detector or an existing device wasn’t in functioning condition. The Florida Fire Prevention Code requires that structures be equipped with battery-operated smoke detectors and devices that are wired into the structure’s electrical system. Even if the power goes out, at least one detector is still operational.

Smoke detectors are most effective when they’re installed on each level of the home, inside bedrooms, and outside sleeping areas for the greatest level of protection. Having smoke detectors in homes can also earn a discount on homeowner’s and renters insurance policies. Smoke detectors use either an ionization or photoelectric “eye” to detect smoke. Both are effective and some are combination units that detect smoke and carbon monoxide for an added level of safety.

Fires can spread much faster than people anticipate. In a fast moving fire, sometimes the only thing standing between people escaping and dying in a fire is the shrill shriek of a smoke detector alarm. It’s important that individuals remember to check their smoke detectors once a year and change the batteries at the same time. It’s a procedure that will ensure the smoke detector is working when it’s needed most.

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