Smoke and Fire Damage can Seem Overwhelming

There are many things that must be done after a fire has occurred and the average person just isn’t prepared to take all the necessary steps after such a catastrophic loss. Individuals will be dealing with the destruction of their home and belongings, along with the damage from soot, smoke, and water used by firefighters to extinguish the blaze.

The first step is to make sure everyone is out of the house and safe. Families that have experienced a fire will need a safe place to stay. That can mean renting a hotel or seeking assistance from the Red Cross, their church, or a similar organization.

Even though people will be in shock, there are certain actions that will need to be taken to restore the home and any vehicles that may have been collateral damage during the fire. Depending upon the extent of the damage and the amount of the insurance deductible, it may be less expensive for homeowners to pay for the cleanup themselves.

That’s when the services of a remediation and restoration company may be more appropriate and cost effective than filing an insurance claim. Restoration professionals will begin by boarding up the building to prevent any unwanted entry that could expose clients to a lawsuit.

As soon as the fire department deems it safe, the restoration company will assess the damage and document it. If an individual decides to file a claim with their insurance company, the restoration company will work with the insurer to clean up the site, rebuild or restore the structure, and preserve any items that can be salvaged.

A professional restoration company may be able to preserve some of a family’s belongings if the damage isn’t too severe. They have special techniques and methods that can be used to dry out possessions, prevent mold, and remove soot and the smell of smoke. Insurance companies like working with restoration companies since it’s less expensive for them and it has the added benefit for individuals of being able to potentially save some of their prized possessions.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida Rapid Restoration is South Florida’s #1 restoration company in the disaster relief industry. With 24/7 emergency services we have provided thousands of clients with emergency restoration services throughout Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Miami Dade, Broward,  and Port St. Lucie Counties. We offer property restoration, mediation and, repair for water damage, mold removal, fire, smoke and biohazard removal services throughout the entire South Florida area.

We are a Licensed Commercial and Residential Emergency Restoration Contractor.

Whether it’s your home or office that’s been affected by water damage, fire, smoke damage, or mold, contact Rapid Restoration Recovery, Inc.

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