How Smoke Damage Affects Your Belongings

Anyone that’s experienced a fire is familiar with the smoky smell and sooty deposits that permeate everything. No part of a home or business will be unaffected by smoke damage. The odor and soot will reach into the far reaches of the structure. Smoke damage isn’t limited to a fire within a structure. The smoke from nearby wildfires has the ability to render buildings uninhabited and unusable.

Smoke from a fire wafts through the air and is much more insidious than it seems. The smoke from a fire is comprised of minuscule particles that are the byproducts of burning materials, also known as soot. It has the ability to eat through materials like acid.

The chemical components contained in smoke will vary, depending on the materials that were burned. Some of the most common are carbon monoxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen, and sulfur dioxide. They’re all dangerous and can make you sick, long after the fire is extinguished. Smoke is comprised of very tiny solid particles, but it moves through the air like a gas.

After a fire, some furnishings may appear untouched, but they’ll contain those dangerous chemical particles. The particles can embed themselves in your clothing and bedding, upholstery, carpeting, drapes, in any porous material such as wood, and even behind walls. That’s why your home or business will have a lingering smell of smoke, which will also affect your air quality.

Smoke can also seep into medications, cosmetics and other personal hygiene products, along with food products, even if they’re new and unopened. Glass, metal and ceramic are non-porous substances and anything encased in those materials will typically remain useable.

A restoration and recovery company has advanced technology available to salvage and restore many of the items damaged by smoke, including furniture and electronics, when attended to quickly. The professionals will provide an inventory, pack the items, transport them for treatment, and store them until they can be returned to your premises.

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