Can Smoke Odors be Removed from Furniture?

Few people know that odors from a fire can be safely eliminated from a variety of personal possessions ranging from drapes and area rugs to furniture, clothing and electronics. Yes, odors can be removed from furniture, but there are some limitations. Not every item can be salvaged.

A fire generates smoke that contains microscopic pieces of unburned material. Those particles, known as soot, are disseminated into the air during a fire and can be blown about by the lightest of breezes. The particles find their way into the smallest of cracks and crevices, including fabric and upholstered items. The soot is what causes the odor of smoke.

Restoration companies use an ozone treatment to remove soot, which eliminates the odor. During a treatment, a molecule is generated that reacts chemically with the molecules in soot and neutralizes them. An ozone treatment is cleaner than other types of methods and doesn’t leave residue or byproducts that have to be cleaned again afterward.

Ozone is a gas and can penetrate anywhere that air can flow. It’s the most effective way of ridding belongings and homes of smoke odors. It’s imperative that professionals perform the treatment. They have the training to precisely control the humidity, temperature and time of the treatment. Restoration experts know what materials can be treated. Leather, rubber, and some types of textiles and plastics don’t respond well when exposed to an ozone treatment.

Simply cleaning the wooden portions of furniture won’t eliminate the odor. The soot particles will still be embedded in the upholstery. An ozone treatment neutralizes the soot molecules. Items that have undergone an ozone treatment are clean, deodorized and safe to be reinstalled in the home.

Insurance companies like to work with restoration professionals. Every item that can be reclaimed is less money the insurer has to expend. It’s also beneficial for clients. It enables them to retain treasured pieces of furniture and antiques that might otherwise be lost forever.

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