Can Carpets be Restored After Smoke and Fire Damage?

Modern technologies enable a remediation company to salvage a great many items following a fire, but carpeting typically isn’t one of them. It’s not just a matter of removing the water. Carpets that have been exposed to fire are contaminated by smoke, soot, and mold is a very real concern.

Remediation companies can remove soot, water and mold, but the problem after a fire goes deeper. Water from extinguishing the fire will soak through the carpeting and into the flooring below, which necessitate removal of the carpeting, floor boards and affected wallboard.

The tiny particles of unburned materials in smoke, known as soot, permeate even the smallest of cracks and crevices and contaminate carpets. There’s a good chance that area rugs may be saved after a fire, but not carpeting.

The odor of smoke can remain in homes and carpets for months, even after multiple cleanings, unless it’s properly remediated. Soot is a dangerous carcinogen that can aggravate allergies, exacerbate lung conditions, and cause long-term illnesses.

Adding to the problem is the potential for mold growth. The fungi occur naturally in the environment and causes little problem unless it finds a foothold in a home. The conditions after a fire provide an ideal breeding ground for mold. The fungi can begin growing and multiplying in as little as 12 hours. It sinks roots into any porous surface, including wood, wallboard and fabrics.

While homeowners will need to write off their carpets as a total loss, the services of a remediation company aren’t limited to water extraction, smoke removal and mold elimination. Immediately after the fire, a restoration company will secure the site to prevent entry by intruders or looters.

The highly trained professionals have industrial level equipment and solutions for every phase of the cleanup process. The companies can also provide rebuilding services to restore the premises and works directly with a homeowner’s insurer.

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