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Frequently Asked Questions About General Cleaning

General and deep cleaning is something we should all do. But, when you work and look after a family, it is not easy to fit in general cleaning. The same thing goes for businesses. Do you ask your employees to clean or do you employ a cleaner?

Deep cleaning and general cleaning ensure a safe living and working environment. Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc does not only help with mold remediation, storm damage, and fire damage. General cleaning is another one of our most popular services.

Removing stains and dirt from walls without damaging the underlying surface is not easy.

Using professional cleaning agents offers better results. All of the cleaning agents we use are gently and seldom cause a problem. If we think the damage is severe, we will let you know.

We use special general cleaning equipment and techniques which means your carpets and upholstered areas dry out quickly.

Most of the time, they should be completely dry in a matter of hours. Over our decade in business in Palm Beach, Florida we have perfected our technique.

There is no doubt about it – hardwood and marbled floors look great in a home.

They are often sold to a homeowner as the type of flooring that is easy to look after. Yes, it is true, but we find many homeowners worry about cleaning them thoroughly. It goes without saying you don’t want to use cleaning products that can damage flooring.

Don’t worry, our Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc General Cleaning team completely understands. We have professional cleaning products that lift dirt and grime off your hardwood and tiled floors without damaging them.

A general clean also protect your floor. Our cleaning products and agents contain compounds which enhance the appearance of your tiled and hardwood surfaces without damaging them. They add shine and lustre to your floors. At the same time, a professional general floor cleaning helps to protect and maintain the condition of tiles and hardwood.

If you would like to know more about general floor cleaning, please feel free to get in touch.

Mold loves damp areas. When we inspect a home for mold, this is the area of the home we most often find mold.

The problem with bathroom mold is that it spreads quickly. As we go in and out of the bathroom, we risk carrying mold spores with us on our clothing or the bottom of our shoes.

Removing mold using supermarket cleaning products is challenging. If you are looking for long-lasting results, we recommend our mold remediation service.

At the same time we remove mold from your bathroom, we carry out a general cleaning service. That helps to keep mold spores under control.

Many of us neglect that we need to clean our soft furnishings.

Soft furnishings include everything from rugs, sofas, throws, and cushions. Today, we surround ourselves with more soft furnishings than ever before. As a result, an increasing amount of small debris is found in our living areas.

What do we mean by small debris? It can be anything from crumbs to other small items. The problem is that crumbs and even skin flakes are loved by small bugs and critters. To keep bugs including bed bugs away from your main living areas including bedrooms, it is important soft furnishings are deep cleaned.

Don’t forget cleaning your mattresses is also important. Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc offers a general cleaning service which also incorporates soft furnishings.

All you have to do is to let us what areas of your home or workplace you would like us to clean. We give you a free estimate and get on with the job.

Yes, we can help with general cleaning of drapes and blinds.

Once again, we have to point out that blinds and drapes trap dust and grime. Mold can even grow on blinds and drapes. We offer a complete blind and drape cleaning service.

You don’t have to worry about taking your blinds or removing your drapes – we take care of everything for you.

When you would like to know more about any of the general cleaning or specialist cleaning services offered by Rapid Restoration Recivery Inc, we are only a phone call away.

Alternatively, you can contact our friendly team on our website. On top of general cleaning, we also offer a range of other cleaning services including biohazard cleaning and hoarder cleanups.

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