Coronavirus Sanitation for a Safe Office

Ensuring a safe environment that doesn’t support the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus was difficult enough. Now new variants have been found in the U.S. and while they don’t appear to be more dangerous, the virus is evolving to become more contagious. Sanitation designed specifically for the coronavirus is essential.

Perhaps the biggest misconception about COVID-19 is that it’s like the common cold or the flu. It’s not. COViD-19 is a novel virus, meaning it’s new and people don’t have any immunity to it. Even with vaccination programs currently underway, safety precautions and sanitation procedures still need to be implemented.

As part of the sanitation process, Rapid Restoration Recovery collects samples and has them verified in the lab to identify any type of bacterial, viral or fungal infection. That information will be utilized to create a comprehensive remediation plan. When applicable, contaminated areas will be sealed off to prevent infection spread.

An antimicrobial solution is applied to clean surfaces and other specialized means are utilized to remove contamination. Cleaning cloths and other tools and equipment are disposed of properly to eliminate any potential for contamination. Clients receive a clearance report certifying that the coronavirus has been dealt with appropriately and has been eradicated. All cleaning is performed to CDC standards and protocols.

It’s important to engage the services of a professional coronavirus sanitation service since the virus can be spread so easily. It stays on surfaces for varying lengths of time, depending upon the material. The smaller the business space is, the easier it is for COVID-19 to spread. Proper ventilation is also an essential element.

COVID-19 is essentially a biohazard and it requires specialized knowledge, experience and expertise to effectively clean and mitigate the potential for contamination. Coughs, sneezes, exhalations, and even loud talking has the ability to deposit respiratory droplets on surfaces and in the air that can infect others. Regular, professional sanitation helps businesses provide a safe environment for employees and customers.

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