Ways to Prevent Fires at your Commercial Property

A fire is one of the most destructive and expensive disasters with which you’ll have to contend. The good news is that there are a number of measures you can take to reduce the potential for a fire and keep your commercial property safe.

Create a Plan

Create a plan for protecting your property just as you would for your home and family. For instance, identify critical areas where flammable liquids or materials may be located so you can inform the fire department when they arrive.

Reduce Fire Hazards

Reducing or eliminating the number of reasons and environments in which a fire can start is essential. That means ensuring that flammable or hazardous materials and liquids are stored correctly. Keeping up the maintenance on equipment and machines is critical. Always make sure electrical wiring adheres to the highest current standards. Old and defective wiring is one of the number one sources of fires. If employees smoke, make sure they do so in a designated area away from the building.

Fire Prevention Equipment

A sprinkler system should be installed in every commercial property. It can stop a small fire from expanding into an inferno and save lives. Smoke detectors and fire detection systems are invaluable for an early warning in the event of a fire. Every property should also be equipped with fire extinguishers and employees should be instructed in their use.


If the property is one where people will be living or working, employees and tenants should all be informed of where exits and fire extinguishers are located. If a fire does occur, you’ll need to have a list of all tenants and/or employees available for first responders and the fire department.

Vacant Properties

Even if a property is vacant, it requires protection. Fire and smoke detectors, along with sprinkler systems should be installed. Eliminate any unnecessary items or materials that would provide fuel for a conflagration. Be sure to install security cameras, as vacant buildings are often a target for arson and vandalism. It’s also a good idea to have security personnel conduct regular checks on the building.

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