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Our Cleaning Process

The Rapid Restoration Recovery..Professional Cleaning and Restoration. Whether it’s an unplanned plumbing issue at your home, hurricane damage to your business, or an electrical fire in your garage, our team is able to provide a deep clean with a goal to give you back your safe, clean and comfortable living environment.

One of the most important services we offer before actually beginning repair work is to accurately and correctly assess the damage done by the disaster. Immediately after a storm or emergency, our team will asses your particular situation and determine what can be treated and what has to be thrown away. This can include damaged goods like furniture, spoiled food, moldy clothes, and other items that cannot be replaced.

Another cleaning service our team provides is to separate hurricane debris from vegetation debris, and to make a list of what you may need to have replaced or what can be repaired. We will also work on your behalf to communicate with your homeowner’s insurance and supply pictures of the damaged goods. As soon as the insurance agent is up to date and has filed your claim, we will be able to begin repairs and cleanup.

In addition to large cleaning jobs after a disaster, our team also provides carpet and upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, odor removals and sewage and biohazard cleanup for your home or office. We can remove years worth of dirt, dust and mold, and are just a phone call away.


Contact Rapid Restoration today and receive a free, detailed estimate of any of our cleaning and restoration services we provide in the Boca Raton and surrounding areas.

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Rest assured if Rapid Restoration is your first call…It will be the last call you’ll EVER need to make!

Our team will work with you to identify and correct the mold problem at its source, eliminate the mold, completely dry the structure, and provide you with a mold clearance report upon project completion. We follow a well-defined and successful mold remediation process, which includes:

  • Taking samples to identify the type of mold in your home or office
  • Verify our findings through laboratory analysis
  • Make a detailed plan of how we will resolve the issue
  • Carefully seal off contaminated areas to prevent any spreading
  • Use the best high-powered vacuums to remove the mold
  • Clean the infected surfaces thoroughly or dispose of them in a safe manner
  • Confirm the complete removal of mold and provide you with a mold clearance report


Here at Rapid Restoration we recognize the importance of having a stable home environment as well as the fact that it’s mot likely your biggest investment. That’s why we expertly inspect every detail of your project from the very first visit to to the final inspection….To ensure and identify even the smallest problems before they become large, costly repairs.

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