Mold Remediation

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Correlation between mold and respiratory tract infections

A meta-analysis is a research method that combines the results of multiple studies in order to draw more robust conclusions. There have been several meta-analyses conducted on the association of residential dampness and mold with respiratory tract infections (RTIs) and bronchitis. Meta-analysis Results A meta-analysis published in the journal Indoor Air in 2010 found that …

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What is Effective Containment?

Effective containment is a critical first step before any structure restoration can take place. The specific problem must be determined and measures taken for containment to prevent damage from spreading to other areas. Depending on the type of disaster that’s befallen a home or business, restoration professionals can encounter a number of toxins and pathogens. …

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Can Floors Get Mold?

Mold growth is a common problem with South Florida heat and humidity. All mold needs to grow is warmth and moisture. The fungi sink its roots into organic, porous materials where it proliferates. Floors are vulnerable to mold growth, whether it’s hardwood or carpeting. It can be difficult for individuals to distinguish a moldy surface …

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