Fire Restoration

What is Effective Containment?

Effective containment is a critical first step before any structure restoration can take place. The specific problem must be determined and measures taken for containment to prevent damage from spreading to other areas. Depending on the type of disaster that’s befallen a home or business, restoration professionals can encounter a number of toxins and pathogens.

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sooth and ash

Soot and Ash Toxicity

Anyone that’s experienced a home or business fire knows the odor attached and the black soot that covers everything. What most people don’t know is that the soot and ash from a fire is highly toxic and contain cancer-causing carcinogens. However, the soot and ash from forest fires can also adversely affect homes and businesses.

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Odor Removal After a Home Fire

Fires leave a pungent odor and the smell will linger for months if not dealt with quickly and decisively. It doesn’t matter if the fire is large or small, the stench will remain. To fully appreciate the services of a restoration and remediation company, it’s important to understand the processes that take place during a

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Protecting Your Home from a Fire

Your home represents a considerable investment and it’s one of your most valuable assets – it just makes good sense to take measures to protect your property from fire. The leading causes of house fires that ignite from indoor threats are cooking equipment, heating systems, faulty wiring, lighting, blocked vents, and curious kids. Fire Protection

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Fire Restoration Services

The pain of reconstruction after a large, catastrophic fire isn’t easy; but, thankfully, fire damage restoration companies are prepared to help in the reconstruction process. With a trained, experienced team, much of what used to be lost can be brought back into life. When fire damage happens, it happens fast. It can spread in a

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Water Damage

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