Natural Cleaning Products: Do They Really Work?

Natural Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products are popping up everywhere. Caring for the environment is very important and we should do our best to use natural cleaning products. But, do the best natural cleaning products offer value for money?

The popular shopping platform Amazon is packed with cleaning products claiming they are great for mold removal. But, can they actually deep clean your home?

A good friend of Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc who is passionate about nature and cleaning her home has tested many of these products. She has come up with surprising results. As a biochemist, she knows a thing or two about ingredients and compounds found in natural cleaning products.

Natural Cleaning Products: Can You Do Better Yourself?

Reading the product descriptions on the best natural cleaning products would have you thinking you can’t live without them. They all sound really great.

The question is if they are worth the price tag. Carry on reading if you would like to find out more.

According to our friend Annie, many of the products are based on ingredients you can find in your pantry.

Cleaning Your Home Naturally; The Basic Facts

There is no reason why you can’t carry out regular cleaning using natural cleaning products. But, at the same time, it is important not to believe all of the hype about them.

For instance, tea tree is not as efficient in removing mold and mildew spores as anti-microbial cleaners. Many natural products for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms contain an element of tea tree oil.

That is okay, but it does not clean away mold spores as effectively as other cleaning products. If you read the label of professional anti-microbial cleaning agents, you will find they are PH neutral. This means they are not likely to do any harm.

Also, tea tree oil is not something you want to use on your work surfaces. If you use your work surfaces to prepare food, it may accidentally end up in your food. Tea tree oil does not taste nice and is not safe for human consumption. It is perfectly fine to use on your skin, but it is not safe to digest.

The Cost of Natural Cleaning Products

Compared to regular cleaning products, the best natural cleaning products are also very expensive. Why are they so expensive if they are completely natural?

If the compounds they contain exist already, the manufacturing process should be short and less complicated.

Many of the companies that promote them talk about research and how difficult they are to manufacture. This really does not make sense at all.

A big industry has built up around natural cleaning products. Yes, some of them do work, but if you are looking for natural cleaning solutions, you probably already have the answer in your kitchen. There is no need to buy more products with a hefty price tag.

The Best Natural Cleaning Products in Your Kitchen

If you are looking for natural cleaning products, you probably only have to open your pantry door.

Salt, white vinegar, lemons, and bicarbonate are all natural products we keep in our kitchens. We use them for baking and cooking. All of them are easy to use for cleaning.

For instance, if you have a stainless steel sink and faucets, all you have to do is to squeeze a couple of lemons and you have a wonderful kitchen cleaner. As lemon juice is highly acidic, it works great for cleaning surfaces which are not plastic or wood. Lemon juice stains plastic and wood – this is why it is not suitable.

Storing lemon juice is easy. Keep it in a spray glass container and put it in your fridge when you are done.

White vinegar is another product used for cleaning. It makes surfaces sparkly and is often used in hotels. Try cleaning your mirrors, windows, and stainless steel surfaces with white vinegar.

If you have problems with more heavy-duty stains, mix together salt, bicarbonate, and distilled water. Great for cleaning everything from bicycle spokes to smaller moldy materials.

Unsurprisingly, many of the natural cleaning products you can buy are made from these four ingredients. In other words, paying the extra for a brand name and a pretty bottle is not worth it.

Can You Clean Carpets with Natural Products?

The problem with many natural products is that they stain. If you need your carpet cleaned, it is best to contact the professionals. Many natural cleaning products are so acidic that they would stain a carpet or even a wood floor surface.

Some natural cleaning companies recommend using bicarbonate for cleaning carpets. That is probably okay, but if your carpets are darker in color, you risk damaging them. Don’t forget that your carpet has been dyed. The color pigments used may cause a chemical reaction which damages your carpet.

Also, bicarbonate is so fine that you need to ask yourself how you are going to remove it. Regular vacuuming may not lift all of the fine dust produced by bicarbonate.

What About Natural Cleaning Products for Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is specialized and even the best natural cleaning products are going to clean your air ducts and HVAC system efficiently.

Professional cleaning services also clean air vents and air ducts using negative air technology. This natural process removes not only surface dirt but also removes grime and mold.

Can I Use Natural Products to Clean Up Biohazards Spillages?

Biohazards such as toxic liquids can’t be “neutralized” by natural products. All biohazards spillages must be removed by professionals. It is simply not safe for you to tackle them.

Yes, there are natural cleaning products that claim they can do it, but it has not been scientifically proven.


Cleaning using natural products is a great idea. But, it does not mean we have to go out and spend a small fortune on new cleaning products.

We already have many of the ingredients found in these products in our homes. Natural products are great for regular cleaning, but not suitable for cleaning up fire damage and after severe water damage.

If you need any home or business cleaning advice, don’t hesitate to contact Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc. Many of the products we use are natural and have been certified as safe.

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