F.A.Q RAPID RESTORATION RECOVERY INC Water Damage What Is Water Restoration? Water restoration is a broad subject. The first thing our Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc team does is assess the water damage. After that, we start cleaning up any standing water. Once we have done that. We start drying out your home using professional equipment. …

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What is Effective Containment?

Effective containment is a critical first step before any structure restoration can take place. The specific problem must be determined and measures taken for containment to prevent damage from spreading to other areas. Depending on the type of disaster that’s befallen a home or business, restoration professionals can encounter a number of toxins and pathogens. …

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Soot and Ash Toxicity

Anyone that’s experienced a home or business fire knows the odor attached and the black soot that covers everything. What most people don’t know is that the soot and ash from a fire is highly toxic and contain cancer-causing carcinogens. However, the soot and ash from forest fires can also adversely affect homes and businesses. …

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How Restoration can Help in Hoarding Situations

Individuals become hoarders for multiple reasons. Once they decide to take steps to reduce the clutter and clean up the premises, a restoration company can be extremely beneficial and play a critical role in the cleanup process. Hoarding is a mental disorder with complex and complicated causes. It’s extremely important that the restoration personnel that …

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