Will Air Duct Cleaning Remove Smells?

Homes and businesses are subjected to an extensive variety of odors every day. They permeate every corner of a structure, originating from sources that includes pollution, cooking, trash, pets, mold, and smoke. Sewer odors are common from drains and decaying animals in ductwork can also occur. Some smells are simply annoying, while others can be dangerous.

Temporary Measures

To mitigate odors, many turn to burning scented candles, using an air purifier, or opening up windows. However, if the smell is coming from ductwork, all of those are only temporary measures and won’t get to the root of the problem. Only cleaning the ductwork will provide a long-term solution and is best performed by trained professionals.

Ductwork cleaning won’t eliminate an odor that doesn’t originate from the system, but there are many types of smells that can be traced back to ductwork. Regular cleaning and maintenance eliminate those concerns.

The Process

An air duct cleaning company will perform a video camera inspection of the ductwork to identify any specific problems that may exist. Samples will be taken and analyzed, a specific plan of treatment will be created, and all appropriate areas will be sealed off to prevent the spread of any contamination.

High-powered vacuums and other technology will be employed to clean and sanitize the ducts. Material from the ductwork is disposed of in an appropriate manner and clients receive a ductwork cleaning confirmation.

Cleaning of ductwork is essential after a fire or flooding event. Soot from a fire infiltrates every nook and cranny of a building. It’s a known carcinogen that can cause long-term health issues and the odor will last for months. Water that infiltrates ductwork during a flood is contaminated with everything from chemicals to human waste. Cleaning eliminates ductwork-related odors, reduces the potential for illnesses, and enables systems to operate more efficiently.

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