Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitation Service

Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc is the leading mold removal and mold remediation in Palm Beach County, Florida. We offer a complete range of remedial and restoration services including Commercial Air Duct Cleaning and Residential Air Duct Cleaning.


Air Duct Cleaning – Sanitation Service

Providing Professional Residential & Commercial Air Duct Sanitation Services.

Rapid Restoration Recovery INC

Local Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitation Services

As a local company with over 25 years of experience, our knowledgeable professionals realize the importance of having a clean, healthy environment for your family, employees, or customers.

We proudly work with Homeowners, Business Owners, Property Managers, and Estate Managers to simply deliver nothing but the highest quality duct cleaning service that Palm Beach County has to offer. 

With our expert teams and thorough cleanings, we have earned the reputation of being The Most Trusted Duct Cleaning Service Provider in Palm Beach County as well as surrounding areas. 

Regardless of the size or scope of the project, we have the manpower, equipment, and skill set to get the job done without cutting corners.

Having a clean living and working environment for our clients is Rapid Restorations’ top priority.

Our methodologies, combined with the tools and technology we use, make us the leader in the industry and able to deliver a reliable duct cleaning service every time. Included video camera inspections offer us a complete view of the inside of the ductwork. Thus we can easily view as well as eradicating problem areas more extensively. Our experts are always available to answer any questions you may have and help you understand all your options.

Air Duct Cleaning Services Offered By Rapid Restoration Recovery:

When you like to know more about any of our air duct cleaning services, contact us for a free estimate.

Residential Air Duct Cleaning:

  • HVAC Unit Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Filter Replacement Service
  • Dryer Duct Cleaning
  • Kitchen Duct Cleaning
  • Bathroom Duct Cleaning

Commercial Duct Cleaning:

  • Filter Cleaning
  • HVAC Cleaning
  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Laundry Dryer Duct Cleaning

When you like to know more about any of our air duct cleaning services, contact us for a free estimate.


How Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc Cleans Air Ducts

How does the air duct cleaning process work? That is the first question new clients ask when they first contact Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc.

Basically, there are three parts to the process. Let us go into more detail so you know what to expect.


  • We cover everything near the vents with protective plastic covers.
  • To make sure your floor or carpet does not get dirty, we place a protective cover on the area we are going to be working and placing our tools.
  • Grilles and covers are removed and kept safe during the cleaning process. During the process, they are cleaned as well.
  • Before we start, we check the condition of the duct to ensure we don’t exert too much pressure on your ducts and HVAC system.


  • Grilles and covers are washed manually, ensuring all dust, mold, and other debris is removed.
  • We use a negative air machine to capture and remove all debris in the vent system.
  • Clean accessible component parts such as air units, blowers, heat exchangers, plenums and evaporators.
  • Clean all ductwork from the plenums to ensure all debris is removed.


  • Reattach registers and grilles
  • Remove protective covering from the floor and surrounding area.
  • Make sure the part of your home or business we worked in is neat and tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, let us point it is important that the entire system is cleaned. When only part of the system is cleaned, debris, and dust are always left behind.

If you have problems with bad odors, they will remain. It is always best to have your entire system cleaned at once. Our way of cleaning air ducts ensures debris including allergens is removed from your property or home.

Before we start an air duct cleaning project, we take a number of factors into consideration including the number of vents, the number of aircon and heater units, the square footage of the property, and the number of floors.   

To make sure there is no confusion, we make sure you understand what is included in your free estimate. If we run into any unexpected problems, we let you know before we go ahead.

Yes, air duct cleaning saves money. Once debris, dust, and mold spores have been removed, your HVAC system will work much more efficiently. You should notice a reduction in your energy bills.

On top of that, the environment in your home will improve. Two of our prime services apart from air duct cleaning are mold removal and mold remediation. You be surprised how much mold can be found in air duct systems.

From a safety point of view, having your air ducts cleaned regularly is essential. Fires can easily start up in dusty and dirty ducts. If you run a restaurant, you probably already know how important it is to keep your ducts and vents clean from a fire risk point of view.

It is not always easy to estimate how long air duct cleaning takes.

To us here are Rapid Reconstruction Recovery Inc, what matters more than anything is that we do a good job. We want to return your property to you and know it is clean.

The length of time it takes to clean air ducts also depends on the size of your property. Larger buildings and homes take longer to clean. When we give you your free estimate, we will explain the length of time it will take to clean your property.

Also, if you would like to include an extra such as bathroom and kitchen extraction ventilation systems, the project takes longer.

Don’t worry, we will let you know.

Air duct cleaning does not only remove dust, grime and mold. One of the benefits of deep cleaning your HVAC and air vent system is that allergens are removed at the same time.

What are allergens? Common allergens are anything from pet hair to pollen. During certain times of the year, pollen and grass seeds are more likely to be dragged into the home or picked up by the heat exchange system.

Unfortunately, they often stay in the vent system until they are professionally removed. Pollen and seeds can stay trapped in air filtration systems for a long period of time. On occasion, they escape through the vents. If you are sensitive to allergens, unclean air ducts wreak havoc with your general health.

There is no reason why not.  Most of the time, we find that both pets and kids keep out of our way when we work. If we think there is an issue, we let you know.

To be honest, that is hard to do if not next to impossible. Getting into all of those hard-to-reach places is tricky. We rely on our equipment, training, and experience to do a good job.

Cleaning air vents is not the “cleanest” job you can do around the house. Mold, debris, and dust are displaced. When we clean air ducts, we wear special protective clothing.

Rest Assured if Rapid Restoration is your first call for Your Air Duct Cleaning…It will be the last call you’ll EVER need to make!

We ensure that the inside of all ductwork and vents in your home or commercial building, such as the air ducts, dryer ducts, and even the trash chutes, are free of dirt, debris and harmful pathogens and build up. Rapid Restoration Duct Cleaning company cares compassionately about our customers. We are dedicated to keeping you, your family, tenants, employees, and guests as healthy and safe as possible.

Our team will work with you to identify and correct any duct problem at its source, completely eliminate the problem, and provide you with a clearance report upon project completion. We follow a well-defined and successful duct cleaning and sanitation process, which includes:

  • Taking and analizing samples to identify the type of sanitation needed in your home or office
  • Verify our findings through laboratory analysis
  • Make a detailed plan of how we will resolve the issue
  • Carefully seal off contaminated areas to prevent any spreading
  • Use the latest technology in high-powered vacuums to clean your air ducts
  • Clean infected ducts thoroughly and dispose of them in a safe manner
  • Confirm the completion and provide you with a air duct cleaning clearance report.

If you would like to know more about air duct cleaning, all you have to do is to give Rapid Restoration Recovery Inc a call.

Air duct and vent cleaning are only two of the services we offer Palm Beach residents and businesses. Two of our other premier services include mold removal and mold remediation.

We also offer deep cleaning and biohazard removal in Palm Beach County, FL. You can contact us by phone or by using the message service on our website.

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